Girl Power. (period)

So much has happened over the last few months, geesh I can't believe its been February since I last carved out some time to write a blog post. (I am not a writer nor do I claim to be a blogger - I simply want to use this platform to share a bit of my personal life) So here we go... It's August already and though I feel like I've succumb to the rat race, my life has left little "free time" to do some of the things I enjoy, granted making time for friends and family is top priority BUT I'm talking about the long baths, glasses of wine (been really trying to watch my weight - woke up with 20 extra pounds this year) and indulging in a few good books. However, what I have had time to do is listen to some amazing podcasts, who would've thought that while riding in my car going to-from my office or client meetings or networking events I'd prefer to tune in to Myleik #MyTaughtYou, Behind the Brilliance by Tiffany Smith-Anoa'i, and a new favorite The Big Leap Show by Kathlyn Hart rather than my favorite XM radio stations Shade45, The Heat, and FM radio WTOP. Oh' Podcasts, and their FREE!! Yes, know one told me about all the dope gems these ladies drop on a weekly basis, have I been under a rock? I've definitely been missing out. All three of them are on heavy rotation, its like having a virtual mentor, or accountability partners, or just a good good girlfriend that WILL judge you if you're in the wrong and correct you at 5am on the way to the gym -  they're all are here for IT! Women doing it for ourselves, black girls who rock, smart business = successful business and so on and so on.  The girl power is real. (period) I'm sharing  because If you're feeling like me, you've painted your nails regularly , but haven't  taken time for a fresh pedi, you just pay for a quick polish change; find that thing that you can enjoy that will be more than fun to listen to, but will also add value to your life. Sometimes I kinda miss listening to my favorite  ratchet tunes (that I pay for monthly), but now that time is spent actually listening to some things that will help me be great in the long run. For that I am grateful, inspired and empowered. 

Stay Glammed.                             

What's up with Glam?

Wheeeewww... We've been busy, and we're only in the second month of the year. Do you like our new look? Yes, we took some time to update our site, change our business model to bring you a user friendly, posh and trendy online experience. We know we've been gone but a few things haven't changed we're back with the same great polish, same amazing colors and an improved glammed service. This month, not only are we celebrating love but most importantly black history. Our monthly mood board is a small depiction of our love of all things black, while exploring the essence of luxury through nail polish. Nail Glam not only represents luxury but also a glammed lifestyle. Until next time, stay Glammed.