5 Free
Non-toxic and carcinogen-free
Never tested on animals
Made in the USA


Nail Glam is a lifestyle, each color created with the intent to inspire and motivate. The Nail Glam collection features a desirable selection of shades and hues that range from simple and modest to bold and invigorating! Each color is unique with its own personality and ready to be paired for any occasion. We’ve created a distinctive formula that removes toxins yet is suitable to stand up to the test. Nail Glam colors are vivacious, energetic, fun and provide a long wear. The colors of Nail glam are heavily influenced by art, fashion, and travel.


Jhavon Smith


The girl that never seems to sit still, roaming from coast to coast, exploring city after city, her passion for color and love for luxury drove her right in the direction of creating Nail Glam by Jovee Co. 

After spending many years as spa director for a  renowned  medical spa, she set out to make her own mark on the beauty industry. With her mixed background of both fashion and beauty Jhavon was determined to create a color collection of nail polishes that not only represented her personal style yet also met the needs of her organic lifestyle.